Morning Tea and Watercolour Painting workshop

Morning Tea and Watercolour Painting workshop


Workshop details:

Saturday April 20, 2019
9:30am - 12:00pm (2.5hrs)
Hosted by Present Art Studio - 8930 Oak St, Vancouver

Start your Saturday morning with a calming tea and painting ritual.

Artist and Painter, Carmen Chan, has been starting her Saturday mornings practicing the techniques of traditional Chinese watercolour painting for years. This Morning tea and watercolour painting workshop is inspired by her idea of the perfect way to start a pleasant weekend morning: Watercolour painting, to the background of soothing tunes, while sipping on heart warming tea which is a reminder to slow down and practice the virtue of patience.

Carmen will teach students the basics of traditional Chinese watercolour painting emphasizing on the process and techniques which can take years of patience to master. Students will learn how to load a paint brush, mix inks and paints and use layering techniques to achieve the traditional style of Chinese watercolour painting on translucent rice paper. The painting subject of this Spring workshop will be a lovely pink Peony stem, a beloved flower seen in many traditional works of Chinese art. For more experienced painters or repeat students, there will be an option to paint a Daffodil.

Workshop fee includes all art supplies, materials and 3 Persian teas. Tea and art lovers of all levels are welcome. Let's ease into Spring and warmer weekend mornings by painting together!

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